Prof. Maurício de Campos Porath, Dr.-Ing.: Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (UFSC, 2002), Master of Production Engineering (RWTH Aachen, Germany, 2004) and Doctor of Mechanical Engineering (RWTH Aachen, Germany, 2009). Experience in industrial metrology with emphasis on dimensional metrology, coordinate measurement technology, calibration, numerical methods for correcting systematic errors, design of standards and devices for metrology, industrial geodesy, industrial computed tomography for metrological applications and  measurement uncertainty. Professor at UFSC since 2013.


Prof. James Schipmann Eger, Dr. Eng.: Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (UFSC, 2010), Master of Mechanical Engineering (UFSC, 2013). Experience in mechanical engineering, with emphasis on metrology and instrumentation, working mainly on the following topics: large volume metrology, measurement uncertainty, instrumentation, statistical process control and measurement systems analysis. Professor at UFSC since 2013. Doctor thesis on the application of inertial sensors in industrial geodesy.

Prof. Roberto Simoni, Dr. Eng.: Bachelor of Mathematics (UFSC, 2006), Master of Mechanical Engineering (UFSC, 2008), Doctor of Mechanical Engineering (UFSC, 2010). Experience in the fields of applied mathematics and mechanical engineering with emphasis on mechanism design and robotics working mainly on the following themes: synthesis and analysis of parallel robots and mechanisms, industrial robotics and underwater robots. Developed post-doctoral research at the University of Girona (Spain) in the field of underwater robotics. Professor at UFSC since 2012.

Scientific initiation student researchers

Lucas de Camargo Souza: Student of Mechatronics Engineering

Former researchers

Abigail Marchioro Giovanoni: Naval Engineer

Adriano Inácio Bertoldi: Automotive Engineer

Carlos Felipe Dudar Gross: Student of Aerospace Engineering

Felipe Guedes da Silva: Student of Aerospace Engineering

Guilberto Chaplin Savedra Júnior: Master in Mechanical Sciences and Engineering

Gustavo Heiden: Railway and Metro Engineer

Leonardo Afonso Ferreira Bortoni: Student of Mechatronics Engineering

Letícia Regina Menegon: Student of Naval Engineering

Lucas Arrigoni Iervolino: Naval Engineer

Lucas Gregório Cardoso: Student of Aerospace Engineering

Luise Bruning: Infrastructure Civil Engineer

Luis Henrique Allebrandt Schunemann: Student of Mechatronics Engineering

Luiz Augusto Schiavini dos Santos: Student of Automotive Engineering

Maicon dos Santos: Student of Naval Engineering

Maria Eduarda Decicco Kuhn: Student of Mechatronics Engineering

Raquel de Araújo Nunes: Automotive Engineer

Ricardo Dolci: Naval Engineer

Rodolfo Gabriel Pabst: Mechatronics Engineer